An improved wireless communication fabric for performance aware network-on-chip architectures.

  1. Opoku Agyeman, M.Tong, K. and Mak, T. (2016) An improved wireless communication fabric for performance aware network-on-chip architectures. International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems. 5(2), pp. 161-171. 2210-142X.

Existing wireless communication interface has free space signal radiation which drastically reduces the received signal strength and hence reduces the throughput efficiency of Hybrid Wired-Wireless Network-on-Chip (WiNoC). This paper addresses the issue of throughput degradation by replacing the wireless layer of WiNoCs with a novel Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) based waveguide communication fabric that is able compete with the reliability of traditional wired NoCs. A combination of a novel transducer and a commercially available thin metal conductor coated with a low cost Taconic Taclamplus dielectric material is presented to generate surface wave signals with high signal integrity. Our experimental results demonstrate that, the proposed communication fabric can achieve a 5dB operational bandwidth of about 60GHz around the center frequency (60GHz). Compared to existing WiNoCs, the proposed communication fabric has a performance improvement of 13.8% and 10.7% in terms of throughput and average packet delay, respectively. Specifically, under realistic traffic patterns, the average packet latency can be reduced by 30% when the mm-Wave is replaced by the proposed communication fabric.

DOI: 10.12785/ijcds/050206

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