Model-Based Tool Support for Tactical Data Links: An Experience Report from the Defence Domain

(2015) Ajit, S, Holmes, C, Johnson, J, Kolovos, D, Paige, R: Model-Based Tool Support for Tactical Data Links: An Experience Report from the Defence Domain. Software and Systems Modeling, DOI 10.1007/s10270-015-0480-2, ISSN: 1619-1366, Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 

The Tactical Data Link (TDL) allows the exchange of information between cooperating platforms as part of an integrated command and control (C2) system. Information exchange is facilitated by adherence to a complex, message-based protocol defined by document-centric standards. In this paper, we report on a recent body of work investigating migration from a document-centric to a model-centric approach within the context of the TDL domain, motivated by a desire to achieve a positive return on investment. The model-centric approach makes use of the Epsilon technology stack and provides a significant improvement to both the level of abstraction and rigour of the network design. It is checkable by a machine and, by virtue of an MDA-like approach to the separation of domains and model transformation between domains, is open to integration with other models to support more complex workflows, such as by providing the results of interoperability analyses in human-readable domain-specific reports conforming to an accepted standard.

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