Design and Implementation a Real Time Healthcare System Based on WSN

A recently published paper by Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz 

Design and Implementation a Real Time Healthcare System Based on WSN 
Murtadha G. Kadhim, Samir J. Mohammed, and Ali Al-Sherbaz

Journal Of Telecommunications

Volume 27, Issue 1, September 2014

Abstract— The development of monitoring systems of healthcare on the basis of WSN has seen a significant increase on a large scale in previous years. These systems are more prevalent because of the importance of human life and the provision of appropriate technologies to be applied. Therefore it must be appropriate to the requirements of healthcare. In this paper, a real- time healthcare monitoring system based on WSN is designed. The system senses and displays ECG, SPO2, Heart Rate (HR), Breathing, respiratory rate, Blood pressure and temperature of a patient. A new algorithm is developed in this paper to measure a respiratory rate from breathing (Airflow sensor). The system features a friendly GUI in base station which is easy to use, and very simple to administer by a specialist doctor. The network technology, which is used in the system is a star topology with wireless ZigBee protocol. In base station, LabVIEW software and Visual studio 2012 are used to do tasks such as a processing, monitoring, graphical user interface, reporting, and alarming. The aim of this paper is to design a real time healthcare monitoring and alarming system using WSN for sensing breathing, ECG, temperature, SPO2, and blood pressure through Zigbee protocol

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