Sallama Athab - Parallel Priority Region Approach to Detect Background

Sallama Athab joined the School of Science and Technology University of Northampton as a PhD research visitor from University of Babylon on a six-moth visit. The purpose of her visit is to develop her PhD research further whilst at Northampton. 

Up-coming paper:
 Sallama Athab ,Hala Bahja, Yinghui Zhang (2013) 
"Parallel Priority Region Approach to Detect Background" 
Oral Presentation 
ICCCISE 2013: International Conference on Computer, Communication and Information Sciences and Engineering. 
Paris, France, 7-8 October 2013

Background detection is essential in video analyses; optimization is often needed to achieve the real time calculation. Information gathered by dual cameras placed in the front and rear part of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) are integrated for background detection. In this paper, real time calculation is achieved on the proposed technique by using Priority Regions (PR) and Parallel Processing together where each frame is divided into regions then each region process in parallel. PR division depends upon driver view limitation. Background detection system built on the Temporal Difference (TD) and Gaussian Filtering (GF). Temporal Difference and Gaussian Filtering with multi threshold and sigma(weight) value are be based on PR characterize. Experiment result is prepared on real scene. Comparison of the speed and accuracy with traditional background detection techniques, effectiveness of PR and parallel processing are discussed in this paper as well.

Sallama Athab - Filter to Detect Objects in Video from Moving Platform