Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Recent MSc Computing (Internet Technology and Security) dissertation work within the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton, UK by  Hang Xu.


Cloud Computing (the Cloud) is getting hot in recent years as well as the Cloud Computing Infrastructures which can be used to the deployment of the Cloud infrastructure for enterprises, communities, or individuals. OpenStack is one of the major cloud computing infrastructure and services providers which have been developed by NASA and Rackspace. Another term, Energy-Efficiency is being considered as a more and more important cloud due to the effect that the IT technologies have made to the environment. Servers, cooling systems and so on are generating a great number of CO2 emissions to the global. Therefore, the research and technology on approaches about reducing the CO2 emissions is getting more and more important to the entire IT industry. In this paper, the relationship between the Cloud and Energy-Efficiency will be discussed along with the achievement that has been made to reduce CO2 emissions in recent years. Then, models for deploying OpenStack will be created and the OpenStack cloud computing platform will be implemented to the models. In the end, the author is going to discuss the achievement of this paper.