automatic image annotation

Bouyerbou, H.Oukid, S.Benblidia, N. and Bechkoum, K. (2012) Hybrid image representation methods for automatic image annotation: a survey. Seminar Presentation presented to: International Conference on Signals and Electronic Systems (ICSES 2012), Wroclaw, Poland, 18-21 September 2012.


In most automatic image annotation systems, images are represented with low level features using either global methods or local methods. In global methods, the entire image is used as a unit. Local methods divide images into blocks where fixed-size sub-image blocks are adopted as sub-units; or into regions by using segmented regions as sub-units in  images. In contrast to typical automatic image annotation methods that use either global or local features exclusively, several recent methods have considered incorporating the two kinds of information, and believe that the combination of the two levels of features is beneficial in annotating images. In this paper, we  provide a survey on automatic image annotation techniques according to one aspect: feature extraction, and, in order to complement existing surveys in literature, we focus on the emerging image annotation methods:  hybrid methods that combine both global and local features for image representation.

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