RFID success

BCS Northampton organised a talk about RFID on 13th June 2012 on the University of Northampton. If you missed it, you unfortunately missed a treat. The event was open to BCS and non-BCS members and was unluckly up against a Euro 2012 match.

Andrew James and Declan Begley from Harland Simon PLC took us through applications of RFID and a demonstration of passive and active RFID as applied to a hospital environment. The talk included an opportunity to handle different types of RFID tags (I didn't realise the range was as large and varied) and also included case studies of their use in tracking assets around a hospital and some interesting ideas about using RFIDs with patients. Also near field applications were also demonstrated.

Probably the most worrying point raised was the encryption used on the biometric RFID on UK passports has been cracked!

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