Hollywood Effect on Digital Forensics

 Do you want to learn how computer forensics is really done? 

Geraint Williams, Information Risk Consultant and Trainer for IT Governance Ltd and an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire, will be speaking at Bedford College on the evening of Thursday 28 June.  This is part of the continuing programme of free evening lectures organised by the Computing Department at Bedford College in partnership with the local Bedford branch of the British Computer Society (BCS).

The success of forensics-based dramas like CSI, Numb3rs, and NCIS has ensured there is no shortage of applicants to study forensics.  Hollywood and its public are enamoured by the apparently supernatural potency of the discipline.  The "CSI effect" has given the public and particularly some members of juries inflated expectations of computer forensic analysis.  This talk looks at Hollywood and the TV interpretation of digital forensics and gives an insight into how it is really done.

Geraint will be speaking at Bedford College Studio Theatre on Thursday 28 June between 6.30 and 8.00pm, and this again promises to be an incredibly informative and enjoyable evening.
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