CEISEE 2012 - Shanghai

Recently two members of the Department of Computing (Gary Hill and Scott Turner), University of Northampton went to CEISEE 2012 in Shanghai, the 8th symposium is this series, following on from Northampton last year.

Two papers were presented see http://computingnorthampton.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/teaching-and-learning-journal-papers.html in the Journal of Computer Education.

The symposium focused on the teach of Software Engineering and preparing students to be both technically competent but also employable as possible. Perspectives and experiences from China, UK, Germany, France, Ireland and Italy were all presented, discussed and considered; along with the importance and the advantages of transnational programmes. Some very interesting discussions about potential for collaborative research in all these areas were held.

Shanghai was a very pleasant city for this friendly symposium.