On Wednesday 17 March,  Year 11/12 students from Tresham Institute, Northamptonshire and Oxford and Cherwell Valley College (OCVC) were at the new Newton Building for Be.Switched On. This is an annual event, run for the last three years, which aims to encourage the study of Computing at higher education level and formed part of the School of Science and Technology's programme for National Science and Engineering Week.
Photos taken by Claire Bicknell (Marketing and External Relations)

Sessions included

  • Robot programming - a chance to program a robot to follow a dark line and also to get a robot to follow a white surface without hitting it.
  • Software engineering - a chance to find out what software engineering is about.
  • Chatbots - using online software for a question and answer dialogue with a computer.
  • A tour of NVision (see for more details) and experience 3D environments.
Be.Switched On is a collaboration between the Computing Division in the School of Science and Technology and the University's Recruitment and Liaison Team